Want to know a little bit more about me?

First and foremost, thank you for willingly taking this journey into the dizzying maze of my brain.

My name is Jen and all kidding aside, I started this blog partly as my own form of catharsis and partly because I think it’s critical to talk candidly about my struggles with mental illness and PMDD  in hopes to inspire other people who may appear to have it together on the outside, but be struggling with their own demons.

I live in the teeny tiny state of Rhode Island with my beautiful (and annoyingly smart, patient and charming) wife Ashley and our gaggle of fur babies: Byrdie the lab and our cats; Norman, Coco and Mangey (yes, you read that correctly–Mangey). 

I work in Corporate America by day, but my heart is in writing. I’m working on fixing this ol’ soul of mine (that’s a great name for a country song, don’t you think?) and thank you for joining me. Shit’s bout to get real!

(PS. If you keep reading this blog, I bet you could create an awesome drinking game out of how many times I say ‘thank you’ and/or ‘I’m sorry’ in all of my posts…seriously, someone is bound to get wasted. I’m sorry in advance for if anyone gets too sloppy…whoops, now take a shot. )